About us

We’re Sruthi and Swathi, cousins and young professionals in business and design. Storytelling was at the heart of our childhood. Whether it be the enthralling dramas of Indian mythology, the whims of the olden days from our grandparents or laughs from our parents’ college years, storytelling is something we still find so central today. Storytelling brings us together, connects generations and inspires our choices.

As young Indian women, we saw an opportunity to showcase the narratives of South Asian women across various career paths, highlighting collective accomplishments and focusing on the untold - the perspectives on marriage, family, sexism and more that are often hidden behind closed doors. By focusing on the topics and factors that are typically stereotyped or unspoken of among South Asians, we aim to create a space for openness, bridge generational gaps and promote South Asian role models.

Why "shakti"?

Shakti, pronounced “shuhk-tee” translates to power, might and feminine energy in Sanskrit. The fundamental creative instinct underlying the cosmos. 

At its core, the word "shakti" represents the power within each of us. To be the best version of ourselves, to challenge our potential, and to make an impact on the world. We couldn't think of a better way to define what we're building here at Shakti Collaborative.